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 Hello,  Linda Vincent here,  I am the owner of jabber jewelry,  Why jabber you ask? Its simple,  That's how i got started in this business of jewelry by jabbering my jaw to others and buying up all the good deals and turning them over to you! So this is how i got started about 9 years ago i started reading books on gemstones and learning the biz myself and took a class or two and a bunch of hands on! come to find out i really love it and now to the web i go!  hoping you will love it too!  and we can bring them to you now through the web!   So we are just waiting to here from you! so be sure to sign our guest book before leaving will you? Thanks!

Bracelets,Chains,Trinket Boxes,Travel Cases & Accessories,Beaded,Fashion, Men's & Women's,

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